Offenburg, 19.09.2016

Thunder Software-Release mit harbourmaster

Release Valiton

Nach einem Software-Release bietet das Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS) Thunder von Hubert Burda Media neue Funktionalitäten und mehr Usability. Als Baustein der Thunder Distribution ist die Single-Sign-On-Lösung harbourmaster, die das BurdaDirect Unternehmen Valiton entwickelt hat, zukünftig integriert und verfügbar.

Thunder consists of the Drupal 8 core and comes with all its functionalities, e.g. a fully responsive frontend and backend and the possibility to embed pictures, slideshows, videos, and social media cards. But that’s not all: We pimped the Drupal 8 core with lots of useful modules from publishers and industry partners, and an environment which makes it easy to install, deploy and add new functionality. These are some of the extra features you get with Thunder:

  • Create articles dynamically: Add any content wherever you need it – and sort text and media paragraphs easily by dragging and dropping. Plus, we added a preview mode for the paragraphs. This improvement simplifies moving and re-sorting the items once again.
  • Media Browser: The Media Browser lets you browse all images already uploaded to the system and select the ones you would like to use. And if the picture you need has not been uploaded, yet, just add it by dragging and dropping it from your desktop or from the file manager.
  • Single Sign-On: The Harbourmaster is a multi-site, multi-device Single Sign-On solution, developed for the media industry by our industry partner Valiton. The Harbourmaster contains a Policy Server, User Directory, Authentication Gateway and User Manger. As part of the Thunder initiative, the Harbourmaster Single Sign-On will be available as a freemium version for up to two tenants and 10.000 registered users per tenant.
  • Video Player: We integrated the video player nexxPLAY into Thunder. The easy-to-embed media player enables live streaming as well as video on demand services for all relevant platforms. With its video player offers a freemium model for users of Thunder.
  • Social engagement: Effortlessly create interactive content such as opinion polls, lists, pop quizzes, or personality tests. Our industry partner also offers a freemium model for Thunder.
  • Facebook Instant Articles: With Thunder, editors may publish their content easily as instant articles on Facebook. This reduces loading times on the mobile web.
  • Ad-Integration: We integrated Google AdSense. This enables you to embed advertisements into your website and earn money without developing your own solution.
  • Analytics: Interfaces to Google Analytics and the German audience measurement organization IVW.
  • Demo Content and Guided Tour: We added demo content and a guided tour to make it easier for newcomers to understand how Thunder works. Step by step, we explain how to add an article, how to edit an article, and how to add and sort channels. With future releases, more tours will follow. 

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Die Valiton GmbH, ein BurdaDirect Unternehmen, ist Spezialist für E-Commerce, Portalentwicklung, individuelle Software-Lösungen, mobile Apps und Smart Data. Der IT-Dienstleister mit Sitz in Offenburg und München entwickelt und betreibt maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für den Hubert Burda Media Konzern und Kunden aus den Bereichen Medien, E-Commerce und der Konsumgüterindustrie.

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